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(Book & Lyrics Stephen Cole Music by Jeffrey Saver)
Second Reading May 2004.
World Premiere Point Park University, Pittsburgh PA in Jan. 2010

"Jeff Saver and Stephen Cole have created a body of theatre songs that is seductive, sophisticated and scintillating." – Harvey Schmidt

"Messrs. Saver and Cole's collection of new songs is warm and winning, and so easy on the ears. Jeff Saver is an accomplished composer with an impressive career in musical theater, and on this recording he is served by some of the best voices on Broadway." – Hal Prince

"This is a splendid collection of theatre songs - songs marked by deft, witty, intelligent lyrics, and music that is, in turn, exciting, fresh, lyrical and infectious." – Sheldon Harnick

"The wit, warmth and rich musicality of these songs by Stephen Cole and Jeff Saver are good news for the future of the American musical." – John Kander

“…Saver can write music that is melodic, thoughtful and intriguing, and Cole writes with wit and feeling… arresting songs that soar” – Steven Suskin, PLAYBILL

"Is it all right for me to review a mere reading? Bookwriter-lyricist Stephen Cole and composer Jeffrey Saver probably won’t mind, given that I adored their new musical that was recently given a sharp staged reading by Gabriel Barre. The response from the packed room on the 5th floor of Chelsea Studios on West 26th Street showed I wasn’t alone." – Peter Filichia, Theatremania


"Extraordinary and features a compelling and original story, the attractive music pulses and soars, the stage effects and direction come full of invention and the performers do credit to every word and every note they take on. The whole thing works perfectly like a fine gold watch, polished to perfection, moving precisely and impeccably. Stephen Cole’s intelligent, perceptive dialogue creates a solid script. Jeffrey Saver has written a lot of appealing music, often resembling some of the best of John Kander’s, David Shire’s and Jason Robert Brown’s. Broadway seems a good choice some time soon as a future destination. And this cast makes everything look like this could be a hit." Gordon Spencer WRCT Pittsburgh

Time' tells Wells tale with wit. There's plenty of wit in the details of cross-cultural encounters, often expressed in the lyrics, from naive discovery ("there's someone named Disney and he seems to run it all") to wordplay, as with the language of finance, in which "interest" serves several meanings. Above all, I enjoyed the clever use of the language and cliches of time -- almost to excess, but that's fun, too. This is intriguing stuff. All concerned can be proud of what's been achieved so far." Chris Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Photos from the World Premiere Production

Photos from the Hartford Production

Taylor Chalker sings "Watch My Interest Accrue" Pittsburgh Playhouse Production

Taylor Chalker sings "The Dream Has Just Begun" Pittsburgh Playhouse Production

John Wascavoge sings "Time after Time"

Click the arrow to hear Liz Callaway & Christian Borle Sing "No One In the World"

Click the arrow to hear Liz Callaway sing

"The Dream Has Just Begun"

Click the arrow to hear 

"Watch My Interest Accrue"

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