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Conceived, written and directed by Stephen Cole


INVENTING MARY MARTIN is a multi-media centennial celebration of the life and career of one of the biggest Broadway stars that ever graced a stage. Four fabulous performers, none of whom actually play Mary Martin, (who could?), sing, dance, tell and enact the story of how an ambitious, but naive young girl from Texas invented herself (with the help of her husband/manager) into the most glamorous and beloved star of the American musical theatre. The show, concocted and written by award winning musical theatre writer, Stephen Cole, with musical arrangements by Broadway and film veteran David Krane, is a kind of musical puzzle that, when the pieces all come together in the end, will give us a rare glimpse into the magic that was Mary Martin. Imagine Side by Side by Sondheim meets Ain't Misbhavin' during the "golden age of musical theatre." A time when Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Kurt Weill, Jule Styne, Schmidt and Jones and other giants ruled the street. A time when the cry of producers wanting a hit was, "get Mary Martin!" A time when stopping the show with "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" could propel a novice to movie stardom. INVENTING MARY MARTIN takes us on Mary's journey from Texas to Hollywood to Broadway. She created Venus, Nellie Forbush, Maria Von Trapp and Peter Pan and we gave
her a Texas wing-ding of a 100th birthday party
at the York Theatre in NYC!


Video Blog #1: The creators do the show for the designers!


Click to hear Jason Graae in the final speech and Time Goes By


inventing mary harvey schmidt.jpg

Click the alternated unused Harvey Schmidt poster above to hear Stephen Cole talk about the show on WBAI's Everything Old Is New Again


Jason Graae


Lynne Halliday


Emily Skinner


Cameron Adams


The Cast


The Cast: Lynne Halliday, Emily Skinner, Jason Graae, Cameron Adams with Dan Crowley Puppets


Jason Graae, Emily Skinner, Cameron Adams, Stephen Cole, Lynne Halliday, David Krane


The Cast: Lynne Halliday, Emily Skinner, Jason Graae, Cameron Adams


Production Photos of the Original Off Broadway Cast: Cameron Adams, Jason Graae, Lynne Halliday and Emily Skinner


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