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Goin' Hollywood

Book & Lyrics by Stephen Cole

Music by David Krane


Have you ever wished you were born in a different time? Alice Chandler did. Alice and the 21st Century do not get along, but could she ever have dreamed that she and her reluctant suitor, Garson Stein, would go to lunch at a restaurant in Grand Central Station called the Super Chief Dining Car and wind up hurtling out west to Hollywood and back in time to 1949? What do you when you get your wish? When you and your writing partner get signed by MGM to write a movie musical? But wishes have price-tags and every time has its challenges. Alice and Garson, smack in the golden age of movie musicals, meet L. B. Mayer, find that the studio system is crumbling around them, anti-Semitism is all around, that the blacklist is hitting their closest allies and that Ann Miller is not as big a star as they thought! A big splashy musical with a heart as big as MGM. 

goin hollywood naming names.jpg

World Premiere Production July 2023 WaterTower Theatre. Addison, Texas

Liam Forde  , Emily Walton, Laura Darrell, Bill Nolte, Tally Sessions, Stephen Cole David Krane,

director Jenn Thompson at the first staged reading of Goin' Hollywood.

Adam Heller, Chip Zien, Eddie Korbich, Erin Dilly, Sarah Stiles, Bill Nolte, Stephen Cole David Krane,

George Dvorsky, Warren Schein, Jim Stanek, Jaime Rosenstein in the first Table Read

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