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(Screenplay & Lyrics by Stephen Cole. Music by David Krane)

Short film musical shown in five film festivals and released on DVD

"I wanted to be dancing in the streets with the entire cast!"

—Susan Stroman
(5-time Tony award-winner & director/creator: Crazy For You, The Producers, Young Frankenstein)

With the economic crisis looming, a just-laid-off businessman stumbles into a magical pottery studio that inspires him to unleash his creativity and mold the life he's imagined!

About the Film:
This movie musical short was written by Stephen Cole & David Krane (Chicago, Nine) and stars Broadway actor Sydney James (The Lion King). Featuring over 100 Broadway performers in a fame-inspired dance sequence in the middle of Gansevoort Square, it was conceived and created in 16 days as part of the RIPFEST Collaborative Film Project in 2009, and shot entirely on location in New York City.

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